Small-size ECR Ion Shower System For etching and other various purposes.


반도체 장치

실험실 설비/재료 


●Three targets can be used simultaneously to create a multi-layer thin-film: The irradiation time of the sputter bean for each target can meticulously be controlled so that the intended multi-layer can be realized. Also, thin-films comprising the mixture of the contents of different targets can be created. 

●Equipped with an ion gun that assists the ion beam, such processes as ion beam mixing, at-surface atom-mixing of the thin film, and acceleration of crystallization are possible. 

●The thin-film deposition stage has a continuous rotation function, which allows for ionization of multiple gases according to the purposes (e.g. beam sputter or beam assistance). Deposition in oxygen environment and utilization of oxygen ion beam are also stably performed for a long interval, allowing for 24-hour non-stop operation.