Nano Indenter for measuring hardness of every material. ENT-2100
Nano Indenterf


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●The double casing which houses the entire system shuts out any air current, sound, temperature change in the environment. Essential parts are made of low-thermal-expansion material in order to prevent thermal drift from affecting the measurement. 

●Technologies that we have developed in the field of electron-beam lithography have enabled us to adopt a high-precision positioning stage, whose minimum driving step is 0.1μm, to the ENT-2100. This allows the ENT-2100 to measure the hardness precisely at the intended position, and also to obtain the distribution of the hardness at the intended area. 

●Elionix's unique fixed-point load method has realized accurately vertical insert of the specimen indenter head, and also has dramatically improved both the control-accuracy of the load and the detection-accuracy of the specimen surface. All of these has realized hardness tests at the minimum load of 1μN. 

●Specimen positioning is performed only with the mouse operation while monitoring the CCD image on the screen. After the positioning of the specimen and the setting-up of the load, the measurement up to obtaining the hardness map is completely automatically performed.